Initial Kinesiology Session

This is our recommended starting point and is most beneficial if experiencing chronic physical symptoms such as pain, fatigue or other physical problems. It can aid in depression, anxiety or panic attacks. It can also be of great help when one is feeling stuck or lost on the life path. This 90 minute session teaches clients about how and why their symptoms started, how energy is used by the body and how this translates into symptoms. It highlights their life patterns and what their body is trying to tell them. Most importantly is gives the client a straight forward path to getting them back on track with immediate actions they can take. Available in person or remotely online. $165AUD

Subsequent Kinesiology Session

You must have already had one inital session to book this type of appointment. These 60 minute sessions follow up on the initial consultation and give the client even more insights about how their body works and why they are experiencing various symptoms. Each sessions builds upon the previous ones and are recommended 14 days apart.  Available in person or remotely online. $120AUD   Packages are available for those who wish to take advantage of discount pricing.

AromaTouch Technique

Clinical application of essential oils in a massage-like technique designed to reduce stress, improve immunity and bring the body back into homeostasis. This sublime treatment relaxes and rejuvenates the body giving clients an overall sense of wellbeing. This 45 minute session is only available in person. $90AUD

Allergy, Heavy Metal & Hormone Testing

Used to identify any food or chemical sensitivities, hormone imbalances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, heavy metal loads and toxic chemical loads that may be affecting health. Please note whilst this service is extremely accurate and reliable we make no claims to diagnose. This 45 minute session is available in person or remotely online. $120AUD

TMJ, Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment

Beneficial if experiencing neck, shoulder or jaw pain, whiplash injuries, teeth grinding, facial or tooth pain. Uses gentle massage, acupressure points and energy work to re-set the meridians involved. Usually provides pain relief at the time as well as take home exercises and meridian work that can help further results. Available in person only. $120AUD

Energy Healing

Energy healing, aura cleansing and a full chakra balance using essential oils and crystals. Beneficial for stress reduction and well being, leaving clients feeling relaxed and balanced. Available in person only. $90AUD